Boosting the use of fast-growing Aspen: green source of high-added value chemicals and energy (BoostA)

Researcher: Pasi Korkalo, Research Scientist. M.Sc. (Chemistry), Natural Resources Institute Finland

Supervisor: Tuula Jyske, Senior Scientist,…

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New methods for Pure Rare Earths / PuREE

Researcher: MSc. Santeri Kurkinen, LUT University, Department of Separation Science, Yliopistonkatu 34, 53850 Lappeenranta

Supervisors: …

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Detailed solution chemistry of flotation circuits in Nordic conditions

Researcher: David Sibarani (M.Sc.), Doctoral candidate.
Aalto University, School of Chemical Engineering, Department of…

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Comparing the impact of continuous forest management and rotation forest management on long-term soil carbon storage

Researcher: Eva-Maria Roth, Doctoral Student at the University of Helsinki

Supervisors: Kristiina Karhu, University of Helsinki,…

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Development and modification of Scandium production process

Researcher: M.Sc. Rita Kallio

Supervisors: Professors Timo Fabritius (metallurgy), Saija Luukkanen (mineral processing) and Ulla Lassi…

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From forest industry waste streams to new urethanes and polyurethanes: value from Lignin degradation

Researcher: Veronika Badazhkova (Doctoral student)

Supervisory team: Professor Reko Leino (Principal investigator), Dr. Risto Savela,…

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