The researchers funded by the Foundation tell about their ongoing studies

On this page you can view the three video presentations of the promising young researchers.  Erfan Kimiaei, Eva-Maria Roth and Veronica Badažkova have received grant funding from the Foundation and they have made their presentations in English. In addition there are video presentations of the Finnish researchers Ted Nuorivaara, Markku Pirttijärvi and Pasi Korkalo whose presentations can be found on the corresponding Finnish page

The researchers described the context of their research in the field, shared their views about the role of the Foundation’s funding for their research projects and also explained how the results of their research will advance the sustainable use of natural resources in Finland.



Doctoral Candidate Erfan Kimiaei, Department of Bioproduct and Biosystem, Aalto University

The research is based on efficient use of bio-based components and green processing concepts for the fabrication and manufacturing of environmentally friendly materials.

SLTS has financially supported me to carry out my research at the cutting edge of the field under the supervision of the great scientists in Finland.

I firmly believe that the full potential of the wood is not yet utilized, and forest sector can be a key in achieving carbon neutrality in Finland or even in a global scale.



Doctoral Candidate Eva-Maria Roth, Forest soil science and biogeochemistry research group, Helsinki University

In my research I am aiming to compare the effects of continuous cover forestry and rotation forest management on soil carbon storage in boreal spruce and pine forests in Finland.

In my research I am focusing on how we can enhance the soil carbon storage of boreal spruce and pine forests in forest management. The aim is to integrate mitigation of climate change into forest management.

SLTS funded my 3 first years of the research. The grant basically covers all the expenses.




Doctoral Student Veronika Badazhkova, Lab of Molecular Science and Engineering, Åbo Akademi

In our study we are focused on developing of the effective procedure for synthesis of novel chemical materials from lignin which is a component of wooden biomass.

Our project is focused on lignin valorization as lignin is a natural polymer. Lignin as material has high economical potential for industrial development.

SLTS has helped me to turn my dream into reality!  After my basic studies I wanted to continue with PhD-studies, and with the help from the Foundation I was able to move to Finland and start my further studies in Åbo Akademi.