Funding is provided in the form of one-year research grants. If the funded project extends over several years, a new application for continued funding shall be submitted for each year, together with reports on the progress of research and the use of funding up until the date of submission of the application for continued funding.

The granted funding is paid out by the Foundation, taking the progress of research into consideration, on a quarterly basis in January, April, July and October. Payments are made to the account of the research site as given by the grant recipient.

The amount allocated for salary must be used to cover the researcher’s salary and related costs. The research site serves as the employer of the researcher and makes a fixed-term employment agreement with the researcher for the task specified in the grant application. The amounts allocated for other expenses of research shall be used for the purposes specified in the grant application. It is possible to make changes to the payment plan and intended uses by a separate agreement. The responsible leader of the research project shall be personally liable for any unauthorized changes to intended uses. All invoices to be paid shall be approved by the responsible project leader. The portion allocated to the salary must be spent during the relevant year of funding.

The grant payment plan shall be submitted via the SLTS Grant System. Log in to the system, select the relevant project and select “Fill in payment plan”. Complete the payment plan form and submit it by selecting “Send payment plan”. Give the account number in IBAN format.

The research grant recipient shall provide the Foundation with a final report on the results of the research as well as a report on the use of funds within three months from the final payment.

The final report shall include a free-form, easily comprehensible description of the project and the research findings, conclusions and possible new innovations. The Foundation will publish this description as a blog post on its website once the final report has been approved.