The Foundation’s mission

Sustainable management of natural resources is imperative for the future of humanity. Climate change mitigation, urbanization and new technologies all depend on the intelligent use of available natural resources. Challenges concern the sufficiency of natural resources, various environmental issues and conflicts of interest regarding the utilization of natural resources.

Finland’s significant forest and mineral resources offer natural opportunities for advanced bio-economy and mineral economy. The development of these fields requires research, innovations and breakthroughs related to natural resources. Environmentally friendly primary production, innovative wood-based materials and new energy sources based on minerals are some examples of the sustainable use of raw materials. Circular economy, resource-efficient methods and cutting-edge technologies contribute to the smart use of natural resources.

Our mission is to provide funding for research that is related to Finnish natural resources, carried out primarily in Finland and aimed at finding epochal solutions for climate-neutral and resource-wise economy. The funded research should pursue to achieve internationally significant scientific breakthroughs that have the potential to make a difference.

One key priority for the Foundation for Research of Natural Resources in Finland is to provide promising doctoral students and post-doc researchers with funding that extends over several years.


Video: Finnish research and innovations help in developing sustainable utilization of minerals

Professor of Metallurgy Mari Lundström,
Aalto University

Video: Cutting-edge research produces new innovations of wood-based materials

Professor Anne Toppinen,
Director of Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki