During the seven decades of its operation, the Foundation for Research of Natural Resources in Finland has awarded a total of 34.5 million euro as support for scientific research. The research we fund should pursue to achieve significant scientific breakthroughs in order to advance the research on and sustainable utilization of natural resources in Finland. We allocate funding to young doctoral students in particular. Dozens of young researchers have completed their doctoral dissertations with funding from the Foundation.

Finland’s forest and mineral resources offer natural opportunities for advanced bio-economy and mineral economy. The development of these fields requires research, innovations and breakthroughs related to natural resources. Circular economy, resource-efficient methods and cutting-edge technologies contribute to the smart use of natural resources.

Making a donation to the top-quality scientific research of natural resources in Finland is a contemporary and efficient way of supporting sustainable development. The Foundation for Research of Natural Resources in Finland welcomes monetary and capital donations as well as testamentary bequests made by companies and private persons. By giving a donation you are supporting high-quality scientific research in Finland. Monetary donations are used directly towards funding various research projects. Capital donations are managed in compliance with the principle of sustainable development and their yields are used to fund research projects. All of the Foundation’s assets are used in accordance with the Rules of the Foundation.

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The Foundation for Research of Natural Resources in Finland is listed by the Tax Administration as a Foundation that is entitled to receive monetary donations from another organization and, provided that the donation is within the range of €850–€50,000, the donation is deductible in taxation for the organization in question.

For further information about donations and bequests, please contact the Foundation’s CEO Roy Siljamäki. He is available by phone at +358 (0)40 770 3337 or email at info[at]slts.fi