Who can apply

The call for grant applications is open to talented and innovative doctoral students and post-doc researchers. The person acting as the actual applicant and responsible project leader must have a doctoral degree.


The projects to be funded shall be of benefit for Finnish research, society or international collaboration

The education of promising young scientists is a priority for the Foundation for Research of Natural Resources in Finland. Project funding can be granted for up to three years, but only for one year at a time. For possible continued funding, a new application is required, including a progress report on the research.

Research grants are intended to cover annual salary, travel and other research expenses, including statutory social security costs (pension and accident insurances) and research site overhead costs (max. 15%).

The payer of the salary will be the relevant research site, which may be a university, research institute or similar. The application must include the research site’s commitment. The funding will also allow for the research to be conducted abroad. No funding is granted in the form of a personal scholarship grant or a travel grant, nor for finalizing a doctoral thesis or for partial funding of existing projects.

Junior researchers should be prepared for a brief individual hearing on the invitation of the Board of the Foundation.