Funded projects

The Foundation for Research of Natural Resources in Finland provides research grant funding for a total value of approximately 400,000.00 euro per year. Select from the Menu to read more about the funded projects and their current status.

Funding granted for the year 2023

The recipients of the year 2023 grants have been decided on the SLTS board meeting on 14 December 2021.

The total value of grant funding awarded for the year 2023 is EUR 487 082,40

Project funding can be granted for multiannual projects. In the list below first four are new projects and the latter seven are multiannual projects decided in previous years.

New multiannual projects are:

  • Mika Lastusaari, Soda-lights: utilizing abundant Finnish minerals to produce highly luminescent sodalites for lighting, Turun Yliopisto, EUR 54 861,40
  • Hanna Runtti, Biohiiliadsorbenttien regenerointi, regenerointiliuoksen ja käytetyn adsorbentin hyödyntäminen, Oulun Yliopisto, EUR 54 740,00
  • Christoph Beier, Machine learning approaches for IOCG-style Fe-Cu-Au deposits prospectivity modelling, northern Finland, Helsingin Yliopisto, EUR 56 419,00

New special grant for a Ukrainian researcher:

  • Viktoriia Hetmanenko, Integfertisol: Integrated solution for production enhanced efficiency fertilizer from wood fiber sludge, Luonnonvarain tutkimuskeskus, EUR 52 593,00


The following multiannual projects will continue:

Funding for the second year

Immanen Juha; SpeedBreed – Accelerated breeding for improved hardwood growth and quality, EUR 55 000

Lahtinen Manu; Xanthate recovery from mine waste waters, EUR 55 000

Nuorivaara Ted; CellFroth Pro: Towards industrial flotation utilization of a novel cellulose based frother formulation, EUR 55 000

Virtasalo Joonas; FeCoVERY – Recovery and sustainable use of Baltic Sea ferromanganese concretions as a resource of hitech metals, EUR 55 000

Funding for the third year

Ho Minh Thao; FinPowder: Design of spray dried powders from Finnish wild berries to protect bioactive compounds for healthy and sustainable diet using wood-based celluloses and hemicelluloses, EUR 49 850

Österberg Monika; Smart assembly of wood polymers for high performance biocomposites, EUR 53 618